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There's things I remember...

and things I forget

5 June 1978
I work as a school psychologist in a district south of Seattle. I love my job most days and I spend a lot of journal time blathering on about randomness at work--the good and the bad. I live in Seattle (West Seattle) with my amazing S.O., two chubby cats, very annoying dog and our ever-growing pup. I'm more anti- than social and socially awkward than suave. I love to read, so if I'm not blathering about my partner, job, my pets, or the awesomeness that is roller derby then I'll be chattering about books that I'm reading. I'm also a bleeding-heart liberal--very socially, fiscally, and politically liberal. I'm addicted to the internet and am usually online...feel free to message me if you'd like to chat.

Marriage is love.

The Disclaimer
Oh, and one more thing. If you're making faces and scratching your head wondering why I have added you as a friend, it's probably due to this: I surf other journals, sometimes by location, sometimes by links--so chances are that I landed in your journal and found something that sparked my interest. Please understand that I do not expect to be added back unless you feel a good reason to do so, especially if yours is a friends-only journal. If this is the case, let me know if you'd prefer I drop you from my list.